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In Sabará Group, we seek to join social and environmental benefits for our different stakeholders in our activities. In the HPC segment, we develop the  Socio-biodiversity Valuation Program®  to keep a relation next with our suppliers of inputs from Brazilian biodiversity. The program comprises training actions, sustainable handling, infantile and enslaved work, ethical supply, traceability, health and safety in the work, among others topics that can improve the activities of the associations and cooperatives and fortify the communities with more knowledge, adding value for the use of non-lumber forest resources and keeping a standing forest, what ensures the conservation of local ecosystems and continuity of this type of work.

Social and Environmental Responsibility in Practice


Social responsibility policy and sponsorship

Approaching economic, environmental and social interests of several groups and communities has been one of the main works of Sabará Group. With our support and guidance, previously deprived communities have found alternatives of income that guarantee the quality of life of its families and the conservation of Brazilian biodiversity. They are unknown projects that place the people and nature in total integration, using on a sustainable manner the natural resources and, above all, complying with the individual rights and traditional knowledge. We seek to integrate the challenges related to the socio-environmental responsibility in our activities and keep them lined up with the values of Sabará Group. Thus, we can continue to grow and provide the structure so that the actions may prosper. The actions that we support involve the topics education, culture, professionalization and generation of income, health and protection of the human rights.


Environmental policy of our units

In our operational units, Sabará Group concerns in developing and applying solutions directed to the prevention and control of environmental aspects. Within this concern are the respect to natural resources, use of these resources on a sustainable manner and the education and engagement of our employees, partners, suppliers and clients.

We diversify the way of using water with practices of reuse and rain water capture to extend our source of this resource without generating negative increase in the use of this aspect. We also act in the expansion of our power plants, reduction of waste generation with strengthening of recycling actions, we apply reverse logistics with the reuse of great packings and chlorine cylinders, in addition to the continuous action in education of the employees so that they incorporate such actions in their routine with understanding of the importance of respect to the environment and as we can impact it with our acts positively.

We carry through auditorships periodically to inquire the efficiency of the processes and the fulfilment of its related policies. In such a way, we are always renewing successful actions and finding opportunities for improvement of processes, training and dissemination of the valuation culture and environmental responsibility for all those involved with Sabará Group, whether they are employees, consumers, partners and society in general.

Sabará is pleased to present its Sustainability Reports, prepared each two years and in accordance with criteria of GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) and Global Compact – UN.

Following its convictions, this report translates the socio-environmental practices and the commitment to the welfare adopted.

Thus, the company seeks to get even closer with stakeholders to whom it relates and encourage their partners to deploy and participate in this process of building a fairer and environmentally responsible society.


Access the Sustainability Report here 2013 | 2014 | 2015