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About Us

About Us

The Sabará Group, with over 65 years of history, is genuinely Brazilian and recognized for its capacity of innovation and adaptation. For three generations, the Group has overcome challenges and stood out in the areas it operates. Its commitment to the well-being of people around the world goes beyond offering innovative products and services. Its activities take into consideration future generations, focusing on solutions that ensure sustainability.

Through its various fields of activity, the Sabará Group operates all over the national territory and is present in countries in South America, North America and Europe.

It is specialized in the development of technologies, solutions, and high-performance raw materials, aimed at the markets of water treatment in sanitation and industry, animal nutrition and health, and food and beverage industries.

The development of its products relies on 100% national knowledge and technology, a factor that contributes to Brazil becoming a reference in product research for a sustainable world.

Santa Bárbara D´Oeste unity, in São Paulo


TTo deliver innovative and sustainable products and services, ensuring traceability, safety, and quality in all processes, generating value for our customers, suppliers, communities, employees, and shareholders.


To be a reference in technology, innovative and sustainable products, and differentiated services for Nutrition and Health.


• For the human being

• For the environment

Ethics and Transparency

• In relations with all publics

* Trust

• In the company

• The people

• In the processes


• In personal development

• In customer service

• In shareholder results

Our Style

• In creating and maintaining sustainable relationships

• In the flexibility and personal approach to understand and meet our customers’ and employees’ needs.


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