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  • 2018

    • Opening of the Sodium Chlorite site in Santa Bárbara d'Oeste | SP. The site is an innovative achievement that turns Sabará Group the only manufacturer of Sodium Chlorite in Latin America!

  • 2016

    • Sabará Group completes 60 years of history.

  • 2015

    • Segregation of the Beraca brand from the rest of the group due to new partnership with Clariant Company. The Beraca brand starts to be responsible for the cosmetic industry only.

    • The Group starts to operate with 4 business units, being:

    Beraca – Manufacture and supply of organic ingredients proceeding from biodiversity for markets such as cosmetics and pharmaceutical markets.

    Concepta Ingredients - Supply of ingredients and additives for the industry of foods, beverages, animal nutrition and veterinary pharmaceutics.

    Sabará Químicos e Ingredientes - Development and offering innovative solutions integrated for water treatment and basic sanitation.

    BioE Integrated Solutions - Focused on solutions designed specifically to leather, sugarcane, beverage and energy markets.

  • 2010

    • Beraca changes its legal form, from Limited Liability Company to Private Company.

    • The corporate name of the company changes to: Beraca Sabará Químicos e Ingredientes S.A.

  • 2009

    • Beraca reaches the mark of 100 Million in invoicing.

  • 2008

    • Investing in its process of internationalization, Beraca announces unification of its brand for all divisions.

    • Beraca inaugurates its first branch office abroad, the Beraca Internacional Europe, in the city of Paris, France.

    • The divisions start to have new denomination: Animal Nutrition & Health, Food Ingredients, Health & Personal Care and Water Technologies.

  • 2006

    • Participation in in-Cosmetics fair in Barcelona, Spain, whose subject “Amazon” guarantees worldwide prominence for the line of Beraca products.

    • Beraca Sabará is Finep Award finalist in the category “large-sized company” in the Northeast region.

    • The work developed in the extraction of the products of amazonian biodiversity ensures to Beraca the ECOCERT certification for organic products.

    • Beraca Sabará associates with the Ethos Institute of Social Responsibility.

    • Incorporation of Astralub Company to Beraca Sabará.

  • 2003

    • Beraca Sabará acquires 100% of share participation in the Brasmazon.

    • Brasmazon gains Finep Award again, in the category “small-sized company”.

    • Beraca participates for the first time of in-Cosmetics fair, in Paris, France, main event of the cosmetic sector in Europe.

  • 2002

    • Incorporation by Northeast of the companies Sabará Indústria e Comércio and Beraca Indústria e Comércio and adoption of a new corporate name: Beraca Sabará Químicos e Ingredientes Ltda. The company is now organized into three business units: Cosmetics, Food/Feed and Sanitizers.

    • Brasmazon gains Finep Award, in the category “small-sized company”.

  • 2001

    • Beraca acquires the micro enterprise Brasmazon Indústria de Oleagenosas e Produtos da Amazônia Ltda., established by professors of the University of Pará and that operated in the development of products from raw materials of the Amazon Rainforest.

    • In a business-oriented strategical decision, Beraca Sabará defines sustainability as focus of operation and integral part of its activities.

    • Beraca begins to develop technology in the production of lines of natural and organic products for the cosmetic market, leaving of being just a distributor.

  • 1999

    • Northeast receives ISO 9002 certification.

    • Foundation of the Astralub Company, for distribution of Shell lubricant.

  • 1996

    • Inauguration of the Santa Bárbara d'Oeste unit, in São Paulo, the third branch office of Sabará, directed initially to the bottling of diverse products of the cleanness line of the Reckitt & Collman and Unilever.

  • 1994

    • Inauguration of NorteFort, the second Northeast’s branch office, in Pacatuba, state of Ceará and beginning of the partnership for the water treatment to the Cagece - Company of Water and Sewer of Ceará.

    • The second branch office of Sabará was created in Anápolis, state of Goiás.

    • Beraca enters in the market of ingredients for the food industry and animal nutrition.

  • 1993

    • In a new office in the city of São Paulo, it was founded Beraca Indústria e Comércio Ltda., where is initiated the distribution of products for the cosmetic industry.

  • 1992

    • Norte Bahia was inaugurated, the Northeast’s branch office in Feira de Santana, state of Bahia, which starts to serve the northeast and center-west region.

  • 1989

    • Releasing of the “Sanitary Water Sabará”, first product intended for the final consumer.

  • 1988

    • Foundation of Beraca Participações Ltda., initiating jojoba oil distribution in Brazil and operating in the cosmetic segment.

  • 1986

    • "Sabará" innovates by introducing the use of bactericidal molecules in industrial processes, such as treating precious metals and optical fiber.

  • 1978

    • After the decease of the founder, the heirs, Marco Antonio Sabará and Ulisses Sabará, took over the company.

  • 1967

    • “Sabará”, as it was affectionately called, initiates the distribution of products from the old Eletrocloro. With enterprising vision, the founder sees as great chance to operate in the market of water treatment in cities, a process that, until then, was done in a rudimentary manner.

  • 1956

    • São Paulo, October 16th 1956, Sabará Indústria e Comércio Ltda. is born, founded by Ubirajara Sabará. The company initiated its activities specialized in the chemical products distribution.


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