REPORT 2021-2022

About the report

This ESG Report presents the business evolution of all the Sabará Group’s units (Sabará Químicos e Ingredientes, BioE, and Concepta Ingredients) in the social, environmental, and governance aspects for the years 2021 and 2022. The last two-year period was marked by important events and achievements, such as the development of sustainable solutions and the exploration of new business areas.

The material topics, which result from an external analysis carried out in 2020, guided the contents of this Report, which was prepared in accordance with the 2021 update of the GRI Standards. Throughout the report, we explore Sabará Group’s commitment to develop environmentally responsible and socially positive solutions. By investing in technology and valuing biodiversity, we seek to impact people’s lives, ensuring everyday well-being and sustainability for future generations.

Our Sabará

67 years of history in 2023
Approximately 300 clients across Brazil, South America, North America, and Europe
276 people workforce
More than
BRL 323 million in gross revenue in 2022
More than 300 products and services in its portfolio
4 manufacturing facilities
ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES: São Paulo-SP • Santa Bárbara d’Oeste-SP
MANUFACTURING UNITS: Santa Bárbara d’Oeste-SP • Anápolis-GO • Itapissuma-PE • Pacatuba-CE

Get to know Sabará Group’s
business units


Sabará Group is a privately held corporation co-chaired by brothers and partners Marco Antônio and Ulisses Sabará. Sons of our founder, Ubirajara Sabará, they are assisted by five corporate directors and supported by several committees, such as the Management Committee, which plays a fundamental role in the management of all business units.

Ethical conduct Our Integrity Program was entirely developed based on Sabará Group’s Compliance Manual, which contains all the conduct guidelines that govern the company’s activities and relationships; it is distributed among the workforce and is publicly available on our website. The Compliance Committee is responsible for the governance of this Manual, as well as for the promotion of the Integrity Program, guidance of employees, and the investigation of complaints.

Committed to sustainability, Sabará Group invests in the production of environmentally responsible solutions, services that offer added value to people’s lives, and operations that do not negatively impact nature. We seek to combine innovation with the appreciation of biodiversity to expand our operations in our markets.


We obtained ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environment) at the Anápolis, Itapissuma, Pacatuba, and Santa Bárbara d’Oeste facilities. The latter also has the ISO 45001 (health and safety), Kosher (industrial process in accordance with the specific rules of the Orthodox Jewish diet), and FSSC 22000 (production of safe food, internationally approved and recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative – GFSI) certifications.

We developed a strategy to monitor water withdraw throughout our activities, which consists of measuring the withdrew volumes, monitoring the height of the water table, and performing a physical-chemical analysis. In the last two-year period, we maintained a stable withdrawl: with the exception of Vilela, all facilities withdrew 29.61 million liters of water in 2021 and 26.66 million liters in 2022.

We invested in the conservation of more than 10 hectares of green areas located around the Group’s facilities and of around 345,000 hectares of native vegetation, indirectly thanks to the sustainable management of our supply chain.

In 2021, we reduced our net direct emissions by 5% compared to 2020, exceeding our annual reduction target of 4.2% by 2030, in line with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).


In 2022, we had a team of 276 workers, including employees, contractors, interns, and apprentices. All are fully protected by collective bargaining agreements, organized by the People Management area in compliance with local labor laws. Our workforce finds training opportunities at Academia de Líderes (Leaders Academy), Sabará Group’s professional training program. Providing a safe work environment for the entire workforce is one of our priorities, which is why we invest in maintaining Safety Programs.

The requests, opinions, and needs of our clients are acknowledged through online satisfaction surveys. We regularly monitor the impacts on health and safety generated by our products and operations, thus demonstrating our commitment to well-being and excellence. We also offer the Global Service to customers in the water treatment sector who are interested in the installation, handling, and management of the resource’s treatment materials.

We develop and participate in initiatives that demonstrate our social commitment and the respect we have for people. In the last two-year period, we donated 2,49 tons of sodium hypochlorite to three different institutions. In 2022, we created the Um Gol Contra a Fome (Score Against Hunger) project, inspired by the FIFA World Cup sticker album, which collected 1,304 tons of food for people in socially vulnerable situations.

Continuing with the measures we established in 2020 and 2021 to preserve the lives of our workforce, we keep on monitoring the health of infected employees and of those who have taken Covid-19 vaccine shots. We also continue to deliver products to customers, without major losses or dismissals in our team.